How I Edit My Pictures + Outfit Details

I had a request for this post so I wanted to show you a quick recap of how I edit my photos.

First off I edit my photos for the blog differently than I do when I post them to Instagram. I like to keep my Instagram aesthetic consistent and I would recommend to anyone to keep the filter as similar as possible. I use lightroom both on my computer and on my phone to edit the pictures. It can take a while but it is always fun to see the finished product.

So for my computer shots specifically for the blog I always use the ‘direct positive’ preset to lighten up the picture. I like bright, fun pictures so I usually turn up the exposure, play with the highlights and shadows and add some luminance to my skin tone. Honestly, that’s pretty much it! I just like the pictures vibrant and natural. I also make sure the blues are not too blue since that happens easily with the ‘direct positive’ feature.

Here is an example of an original shot:

For my Instagram pictures, I usually transfer all of the photos that I picked to the blog to my phone which is usually about 7-10. I pick the ones that will mix up the feed content and add ones where you can see my outfit details and vary in depth. Then I have a millennial pink preset that I bought from dreamy presets. I always adjust them a little to make sure they look good on their own and aren’t too dark or too light since no two pictures are the same. I also try to reduce the sharpness and grain since the preset usually comes a bit grainy.

Always adjust a preset when added to a photo! Don’t just leave the preset as is! (Unless it is perfect) Some pictures are lighter/darker than others and that will stand out when they are next to each other even with the same preset!

Here is an example of my Instagram post :

I’ve seen a mix of floral and leather at worn by at least three major bloggers and each time I thought, “That is so something I would wear!” So, of course, I had to try it for myself. I love the mix of the print with the neutral black staple and the contrast of the tough leather against a feminine floral! This is so me! I can never tell if I would rather post more about fun, bright, out there statement pieces or simple neutral plain looks.

What would you rather see?

Dress : Forever 21 (similar) (similar) // Jacket : Hollister // Shoes : Vestique (similar)


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