Making Cheap Clothes look Expensive

I think the way you present yourself on the outside truly shows how you are on the inside. Everything is about first impressions and what you put out in the world is how people perceive you until they get to know you. With this in mind, I wanted to give a few tips on how to pick clothes that are cheaper but look like you spent a little more money on the pieces.

It’s all about the…

  1. Material : This is a given, but a plain chiffon blouse is going to look better than a cheaper lace top that will unravel after a few times in the washer
  2. Basics : Plain is powerful! Having a clean cut looking outfit looks better than adding a lot of statement pieces together.
  3. Neutrals : This goes with the clean cut rule. A plain navy blue blazer with good looking material says more than a bright purple sweater will even if it is expensive
  4. Trends : Having a bag from H&M or Forever 21 that has similar details to a trendy luxury bag is cheaper and just as cool! The only thing about this rule is I do NOT recommend using knock offs, that really makes it look cheap
  5. Way you Search : Look at a thrift store (blog post to come wink wink) because you never know what you will find! Places like Target and Forever 21 also have more expensive items that are still cheaper than more luxury items will be. Also scour the internet! Apps like PoshMark will have great pieces for much less than selling price!

Top : Francescas (similar) // Jeans : Lucky Brand // Necklaces : Kendra Scott and Impeccable Pig (similar) // Hat : Forever 21

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