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Its that type of post again where I share some of my most recently favorites of the moment. From cozy socks to some new podcast episodes you have to listen too, I included a few new faves as well as their links! Don’t forget to subscribe on the right side of the blog’s main page, and follow my Pinterest for all of my pictures and pins!


My favorite podcast of the moment is the Lady Gang. I would listen to this when walking across campus during school and I had to keep from laughing to myself! These ladies are so entertaining and aren’t afraid to spill their real lives. This episode in particular with Jenna Fischer is really inspiring since she talks about how as an actress you have to just keep going despite the rejection. Here’s a link to their Instagram!


I’ve definitely noticed my sock collection grow this year, and while I have a few pairs of Free People socks, this pair is my favorite! Cozy and warm, but still giving your feet some air to breathe, these are cute and comfy I wear them constantly around the house!


While I have not bought this YSL bag, it is closing in on one of my top wants of the moment! It’s a huge splurge and I am just not sure I want it that bad. However, it is my splurge of the moment! Another one of my current favorites that I like to look at but do not plan on buying due me thinking it is a trend is this Prada bag. I’m sure there will be plenty of dupes coming soon!

Skin Product

While I do not usually use drug store brands for my face, I was given a sample of this moisturizer at the last blog conference I attended. I tried it out and I seriously love it! I am always skeptical about moisturizing my face because I already have clear skin, but I always use some during the colder months. This product did NOT make my face oily, even in my T-Zone, and made my skin soft and feels protected! I so recommend & I actually use it daily!


One of my favorite sites to check out is Who What Wear. From great fashion advice to celebrity gossip, it’s all there in short articles that are easy to read and keep you interested without being long and overbearing! HERE is my favorite article at the moment. (Picture taken from the article)

23 thoughts on “Current Faves

  1. I can see myself buying that moisturiser, I go through phases where i completely stop my skincare (not sure why lol) lovely post though, love a good faves post x x


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