Red for Fall

I’m not sure if it’s just a blogger trend, but red is definitely a thing right now. I wouldn’t think that bright red is not too much of a Fall color but I am definitely a sucker for being able to wear a bright red lip! So I compromised and wore this striped red top and added some brown booties to give it more of a Fall feel. Plus I can still get away with wearing a one shoulder top with the crazy weather here in San Marcos. Also I had to buy a chai tea and take a picture with this super cute sign.

Some of my favorite fall treats are pumpkin spiced lattes (of course) and chai tees. I can never go a Fall season without eating a super good pumpkin pie or apple pie. Those are my faves and my dad always brings me a pumpkin pie from Bill Millers when he sees me. I am not usually a sweets kinda girl but a little bit here and there is a well deserved pick me up for anyone.

I showed off this top on my post SA Boutiques Part 2Β recently. It is from a boutique in San Antonio called Chic’tique and is only $49.

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