First Fall Look

It’s officially fall, how did September go by so fast? I cannot wait for cooler weather and lots of colorful leaves to be falling! In honor of the beginning of the new season I wanted to share my first really look with a sweater! Okay so it is a thin, cropped sweater but keep in mind Texas weather does not follow the rules! I love the look of a long sleeve with shorts. It totally does not go if you think about it, but it looks so cute and comfy! The high waisted shorts offset the cropped look of the sweater and I love the subtle flare of the sleeves.

Cropped sweaters are my favorite because they have a different look than the usual oversized comfy sweater while still keeping the warmth. Don’t get me wrong though, I so live for comfy sweaters! During Winter you cannot get me out of my big sweat shirts and black leggings!

I am currently looking for some cute fall booties that are different than something I already have so leave a comment if you have any ideas for any I should be looking at!

Sweater : Showpo // Jean Shorts : Forever 21

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