Sweater Weather

It’s finally getting colder in Texas, so that means it’s time to pull out my dollar Christmas socks from Target, snuggle with my puppy Paisley, and drink some hot tea. I love the cooler weather, I just wish it had not brought rain with it! I was stuck inside most of the weekend because of it, super bored! So I decided to list a few of my favorite things to do when it rains!
1. Make a new meal. Try a new recipe! I made some soup with my boyfriend this past weekend, it turned out good considering we had no idea what we were doing!
2. Go shopping. That’s my go-to as long as it is indoors!
3. Read. I actually like reading!
4. Bring down blankets, keep the room dark, and watch a scary movie with popcorn!
5. Watch the rain, it is just peaceful
6. Go outside with a rain coat and rain boots! Sounds fun to play in the rain for a while

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