Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

As everyone has heard, the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on and has recently opened up to the public. I wanted to share a few of my top picks for the sale which ends August 6th, but the items are definitely going fast. I recommend buying online instead of in store because the in-store selection is getting low quickly!
Keep in mind the prices are really low for a lot of these pieces so getting in your fall shopping now will pay off in the long run! I picked all of these pieces because they are ones that I would actually buy. I never want to advertise a product or piece that I do not believe in or would want to get myself. I turn down lot of offers on brands that do not go with my style or something I would actually buy. I hope this guide helps and you find something you like in the sale.
Let me know your last minute picks and what you got from the sale!

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