My Favorite Youtubers

Being a blogger I usually get most of my inspiration from other blogs and Pinterest. Another place I like to go to for inspiration is Youtube! I am definitely not able to use technology well enough to create and edit a full video to make it look the way I would want. I envy those that make it to be Youtube famous and have amazing content! I’m sharing a few of my favorite Youtubers to check out and to watch some of their amazing videos! Also, if you actually read this whole paragraph, comment bubblegum in the comments below!
1. Alexandrea Garza : I think so is so pretty and I love her effortless style! She has a ton of lifestyle videos as well!
2. Megan Parken : Her tips are great, and she has so many interesting stories that she tells!
3. Miss Tiffany Ma : She is what I think of when I think Youtuber, her videos are always so bright and fun!
4. Sarah Belle : She has the cutest videos! I love keeping up with what she does, I live for her outfit hauls!
5. Karissa Pukas : I just started watching her videos but so far I like her look books and I love how she does her makeup!

Dress : Asos // Platforms : Steve Madden (similar)

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtubers

  1. Loved this,i came across your blog and am so glad that i did haha,it’s lit.Also,i realised,I have written the exact same blogpost(but with different youtubers of course),and it’s funny to know.I’d absolutely love if you’d spare some and check out my blog,show some love hehe<3


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