My 6 Summer Goals

The way that I am as a person, I like to have goals to set and I like to see them get done! I have lists for dayssss everywhere that I am, from my phone to my desk to even my mirror! I wanted to share a few of my summer goals that I like to set, these are a little more fun of course and I have had these set since before summer break even began!

1. Spend time with my friends from home : I am always in San Marcos during the school year, so for summer I want to get to hang out with my friends from San Antonio more often
2. Go strawberry picking : Or any fruit in general. I’ve had this planned since last summer when Josh and I found a place to go strawberry picking near San Antonio!
3. Workout 4-5 times a week : I’m hoping this works out… haha works out. Okay I’m done trying to be funny.
4. Shop at Whole Foods : There is not a whole foods in San Marcos. Eating healthy just really makes me feel healthy! So I guess the real goal would be eating right!
5. Read and Listen to Podcasts : I love reading when the book is really good. Podcasts however are my new addiction! When you find the right one I can listen to episodes all day!
6. Spend more time Outside : I do not prefer to be outside in all honesty. But hiking and swimming are two fun things I like to do. It is just so hot in Texas! This will be a hard goal tbh.

Tee : Buddy Love // Shorts : OnexOne Teaspoon // Earrings : Morning Lavender (similar)

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