Friday Faves

As my trip gets closer I have begun to plan out my outfits for California. Sounds very fun as I start but as it gets closer I have realized that it can be very stressful coordinating outfits with a schedule! (I am a super planner I know.) So I decided to give a few different kind of posts on the blog these next few weeks to keep up with it all.

My Five Favs may become a series (if y’all like it) of round ups of my favorites at the moment. It could be anything from a person, to a book, a movie, place or song! But always something different.

I just wrote about a few of my fun things to do before the summer is over (link), and I decided to go bowling after writing the post. It was super fun because it was at a place called Bowl and Barrel. It is like a bowling place for grown ups! Fun and upscale.

My boyfriend recently bought me this palette for our anniversary and I am in love with it! Recommended by my friend Lisa, the color pay off is great especially from the highlighters! Carli Bybel makes great YouTube videos and makeup too!
(check it out here)

I recently read a review for this book from the Cosmo app on SnapChat and I found it interesting. As far as I read it is placed in the 60’s about a young girl trying too hard to fit in with the wrong crowd. I definitely want to get a book like this for the plane trip!

Who isn’t in love with F21! I found a few really great items for back to school that I am in love with! They have really great essentials as well as great statement pieces.

Sandals and Smoothies. What more could you ask for on a great summer day?

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