Dressing for the Summer Heat

 If you live somewhere that reaches crazy high temperatures like I do, it’s hard to wear what you want when you want. Comfort usually wins over fashion when you get in the summer heat. I found a few ways to look cute in the hot summer months, and if you have any tips to share leave a comment below!

Light Layers : A small crop top and a light jacket like mine do not feel like a lot when the pieces are small and closer to your body
Thin Material : This one is pretty obvious but keeping it thin will help to not retain the heat!
Light Colors : Another obvious one, but light colors will attract less heat to you instead of dark purples, navy, and blacks
Rompers and Dresses : These tend to already have lighter material and the flow of the pieces will feel good in any breeze
 Accessories : Be picky about what you wear, a plain shirt will look good with a statement necklace, so skip the trendy top and mix up your shoes and your bag combo

Denim Jacket : Hollister // Printed Shorts : Zara

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