Black, Blue, and Oh So Cute

I loved how there are so many places in LA that have great photo ops. There was so many things that I could do with this wall so instead of the typical red that came to my mind, I chose a blue dress. I love the bright color especially for my skin tone. I also love the spiked necklace to go with it. The wedges are a neutral color since the two pieces are already such statement pieces.
I got to do a ton of touristy things as well as visit a few places that I looked up on Pinterest. I always look up things to do or what to wear on Pinterest before I go somewhere. Did everyone notice the new “shop” feature on the site? As if I wasn’t already addicted enough! I also added a new feature to my site that now allows you all to pin my pictures straight to your Pinterest account! So save the idea to take pictures at this wall for the next time you travel to LA!






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