Designer Look Alike – Jacquemus

I was on Instagram and I was scrolling through Jacquemus’ story and I saw a skirt and top that instantly reminded me of one of the dresses in my closet. I thought it looked like the dress unbuttoned and flipped over like a skirt.

The dress is originally from Forever 21 and the Jacquemus top looked like a strappy bralette over a tank. So I thought I would shoot something similar for a get the look.

It was also paired with a pair of pointy-toe pink lace-up flats that I had and are similar to the ones in the original photo. All of the items that I used are actually a few seasons old and I had in my closet for a while. This is one of the main reasons that I tend to hoard older pieces of clothing because trends always come back in style.

The full video can be seen on my Tik Tik: @briana.nicole03 but I screenshotted a few of the images

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