Voda Swim

Let’s talk sexy swimwear. I was gifted a bikini from Voda Swim by Eighty Six South and I checked out the site and I loved the sets. I always want to be honest with my readers and only promote pieces that I really did enjoy. What I loved was the number of different styles they had as well as tops that have great hold. It was hard to choose, but I opted for an all-black suit because you cannot go wrong with that! Also, I needed a new plain suit for the summer.

When I tried it on, I loved the hold and the subtle design It’s like a LBD, there are so many different black suits but each is a little different. You know those swimsuits that look pretty but you would be worried if a wave hit you a the beach because your top or bottom might slide off? Not this one. You can actually go swimming in this one. And what’s more important than that?

They have cute one-pieces, halters, hip huggers, and high w

aist suits. They range from sexy to sweet and everything in between. I like how they can fit multiple fashion styles and girls with different body shapes.

What do you look for when shopping swimsuits?

Check out a few more of my faves below and click on the picture for a direct link to shop the suit or see the full collections at https://www.vodaswim.com/shopcollection

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