A Few of My Favorite Things

*Cue the sound of music* Christmas is almost here so I wanted to do a short post of some of my favorite things that would make great last-minute items that would be great gifts to give. I have a variety of everything from dainty gold jewelry to the new Alexa, and if you need some more gifting inspo, be sure to check out my wish list tabs. As always, be sure to click on the images for a direct link for where to buy the items.

Gold Necklaces

Jewelry is always a staple when it comes to a good gift. But where to find a good piece is usually half the battle. Pick a place like Au-Rate that has amazing pieces that are all on-trend, so you don’t have to worry about picking out one your 16-year-old niece will never wear.

Stocking Stuffer

I never thought I would be so happy to get a pair of Christmas socks. There is definitely an age limit for this one, but wrap in a $10 gift card and you just became the best gift giver at the holiday party.

Echo Dot

A great one for the techy in your life, I think I would enjoy getting this one! While I can’t say its my favorite because I don’t have one, I think it would definitely be a good gift.

The Perfect Pillow

I’ve been eyeing these from Urban Outfitters but I have not pulled the trigger yet because I am not big on having guests sit on the floor. But I love the color and they are great for a variety of ages, heck even for a guy too!


Another Item I thought I’d never be into, candles. I honestly love to light candles now and I get so sad when they are almost out. Homesick candles are perfect for someone like me who lives in another state. A gift with an extra little thought behind it is what anyone really needs!.

Facial Roller

For the Beauty Guru who has all of the serums and facial mists, get them something that they can add to their routine without trying to mispronounce hyaluronic acid to the girl at the mall kiosk.


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